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WINNING SPIRIT reveals the DNA and recipe of success. It encourages young and old not to lose sight of their own dreams and to pursue them with much joy and gratitude until the end of life. The book conveys the 7 principles of successful people and, with the "Panther Strategy", contains a methodically structured guideline for achieving one's own goals. 40 building blocks of success support the reader with well-founded expertise, motivating advice, inspiring testimonials and challenging exercises in his development into a positive-thinking winner.

WINNING SPIRIT explains how to activate the driving force on a daily basis and how the black panther may be used as a virtual mental coach to achieve goals.

The book is an excellent surprise gift of inspiration for one person, team members or the entire staff. The author is happy to personally introduce the participants to the secrets of recurring success on the occasion of a MOTIVATION keynote or a MOTIVATION workshop.

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Book ISBN-13: 9783757812904 // E-Book ISBN-13: 9783757857172

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Format: 17x22cm, 352 pages (black/white), cover: paperback, black/red, weight 700g, content: 4 book parts, 40 success building blocks, 36 exercises, 27 templates, 15 tables, 31 illustrations as well as over 50 motivational quotes and 7 entertaining panther cartoons designed by Tamino Appius.


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First-time Reader Impressions

The book has given me very valuable guidelines and practical examples of how to improve myself with the “Panther Strategy”. The most important points I am currently addressing are: “Learn from the best all the time; be creative and unpredictable; surround yourself with reliable friends and express your gratitude to them”.                                                                   André Guillebeau, Senior Project Manager, Pilot and passionate Athlete

With plenty of wit and a wealth of life experience, Aeneas Appius conveys a structured life philosophy that motivates readers to want to achieve their personal best in every respect. Peppered with glimpses into the milestones and challenges of successful individuals, “WINNING SPIRIT” bridges the gap from sports to career to family and transforms the abstract concept of “success” into a goal that is achievable step by step.                                                                                                                                     Victoria Landau, PhD Student

Aeneas Appius is one of the most outstanding athletes in the Master category of duathlon sports worldwide. In “WINNING SPIRIT” he offers us unique and very personal insights into his recipe for success, which helped him develop into a true champion in his field. A book worth reading, from which we can draw a lot for life outside of sports.                               Marcel Nickler, Board Member, Digital Expert and Ultra Runner

The book is interesting to read even for a young person. It offers interesting insights into the success strategy of a person successful in both sports and career. As a young adult who is still pursuing an education, one can help oneself to some of the book's tips and tricks in and apply them for one's professional, sports and personal future.                                                             Timo Wüthrich, High School Student

The book provides plenty of exciting and extremely valuable answers to questions that I have never asked myself consciously. I found confirmation in techniques that I have obviously already successfully applied unconsciously and discovered an amazing number of parallels between top-class sport and my work as professional musician and entrepreneur. Especially those on mental level fascinates me deeply. “WINNING SPIRIT” inspires, motivates and activates.       Nico Brina, Pianist, Singer, Entertainer, Composer, Producer and Author